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When you Vote, Bring I.D.

Be ready to provide identification on election day. In most cases your driver’s license will provide the necessary I.D. See here for more details.

Register to Vote!

If you are not yet registered to vote in Adams County you will need to register.

Online Change of Address

Online Voter Registration

Want to vote by mail this election?

If you are a registered voter just fill out this absentee form and return it to our office by mail or in person prior to the election date. For more information about absentee voting check the Secretary of State’s web site Absentee Voting section.

Other info

Polling Locations – All 21 of the county’s polling places and the precincts assigned to them.
Voter information search – Find your precinct, polling location, and voting history.
Polling location search – Find the polling location assigned to your address.