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Absentee Ballot Information

You may print this application to vote by mail: Absentee Ballot Application
Fill out the application, sign it, print it out and mail it to Belmont County Board of Elections, PO Box 994, St. Clairsville, OH 43950. You may also drop it off in our ballot drop box beside our main entrance doors at 52180 National Rd. St. Clairsville. If you are unable to print an application you may call our office at 740-526-0188 and we will mail you an application for a ballot.

Absentee Ballot Return

An elector may return an absentee ballot (1) by mail, (2) deliver it personally to the board of elections, or (3) may have a spouse of the elector, the voter the father, mother, father-in-law, mother-in-law, grandfather, grandmother, brother, or sister of the whole or half blood, or the son, daughter, adopting parent, adopted child, stepparent, stepchild, uncle, aunt, nephew, or niece of the elector may deliver it to the board. R.C. 3509.05(A).

Envelopes containing marked absent voter’s ballots must be delivered to the board no later than the close of polls on the day of the election. However, any return envelope that is postmarked prior to the day of the election must be delivered to the board before the 11th day after the election. R.C. 3509.05(B)(1).

Ballots that are delivered in envelopes postmarked prior to the day of the election that are received after the close of polls on election through the 10th day thereafter must be counted on the 11th day. R.C. 3509.05(B)(1).

UOCAVA voters must submit the absentee ballot for mailing not later than 12:01 a.m. at the place where the voter completes the ballot, on the date of the election. R.C. 3511.09.

Please note that the U.S. Postal Service (“USPS”) estimates that it may take two to five days for an elector’s voted absentee ballot to be delivered to the board of elections by mail.


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