How to Vote with the new M100

"How to Vote" Video


Optical Scan Voting and the M100 Optical Scan Reader





Step 1

Double-check your ballot to make sure you properly marked it.



Step 2

Insert your ballot into the ballot acceptor. The M100 will accept ballots in any orientation

backwards, upside down, ect.).


Step 3

Check the LCD screen to see if their are any problems with the ballot such as undervoting,

overvoting, and blank ballots. Press Return to get the ballot back to make changes, or press

Accept to submit the ballot.




Questions and Answers


Q: What does it mean if I see an "undervote" or "overvote" message when I insert a ballot?

A: An "undervote" message means a voter has selected fewer choices than allowed;

    an "overvote" message means a voter has selected more choices than allowed. In both instances,

    the voter should decide if he or she intended to cast the ballot in this way.

        * If so, press Accept and process the ballot

        * If not, press Return and allow the voter to correct an undervote or start a new ballot.


Q: What do I do with a write in ballot?

A: Summit a write in ballot into the M100 the same way as any other ballot. An internal mechanism

    will separate the ballot for hand-tabulation, later.


Q: What do I do if a voter spoils a ballot (marks the wrong selection, tears the paper, ect.)?

A: The voter should return the spoiled ballot. Put the ballot into the spoiled ballot envelope. Reissue a

    new ballot to the voter.




                    "How to Vote" Video