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Precinct Election Officials

For every election, the Board staffs its 8 polling locations with nearly 140 Precinct Election Officials (PEOs). Prior to an election, every PEO is trained on Election Day procedures. On Election Day, PEOs arrive at their assigned polling locations at 5:30AM and ready the location for the opening of the polls at 6:30AM. PEOs are required to work the entire day, until close of polls at 7:30PM. After polls close, they assist tearing down the location and typically head home by 8:30PM.

For more information, please contact our office.

Requirements & Sign-Up

  • Be US Citizens
  • Be Registered to Vote in Defiance County
  • Not Have a Felony Conviction
  • Have Reliable Transportation to and from the Polling Location
  • Work the Entire Day

Youth at the Booth

In conjunction with Defiance County high schools, the Board recruits local students to work as PEOs on Election Day. High school PEOs must be seniors, in good standing, and at least 17 years old.

If you are a student or teacher interested in this program, please contact our office.