The Fayette County Board of Elections must hire 200 polling officials to staff the 25 precincts opened in a countywide election. Each Precinct must have two Democratic and two Republican polling officials. Each polling official is paid $120.00 for working on Election Day plus $15.00 for attending a training class. VLM/Precinct Managers will receive an additional $20.00 for pick up and return mileage. Polling officials work from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Election Day.


You must be a registered voter in Fayette County.
By law, you must have declared your political party as one of the two major parties in the State of Ohio (Democrat or Republican).
You must be available to attend a training course, before you can work at the polls.

You may obtain more information or apply to work as a polling official by visiting the Secretary of State’s site here:

Or calling (740) 335-1190.