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Close of Registration

The deadline to register to vote in the November 5, 2024 General Election is Monday, October 7, 2024 at 9:00 PM.

Registration Requirements

To qualify to register to vote, you must be:

  • A U.S. citizen
  • 18 years old on or before the general election day
  • A resident of Ohio for at least 30 days
  • Register to vote at least 30 days before election day

Places for registration – designated agencies:

  • Bureau of Motor Vehicles
  • County Treasurer offices
  • Greene County Board of Elections
  • Ohio Department of Health’s WIC offices
  • Ohio Department of Human Services, including county welfare, food stamps, and AFDC program offices
  • Ohio Department of Mental Health and its county hospitals
  • Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and its county facilities
  • Ohio’s Public / vocational schools
  • Ohio’s Rehabilitation Services Commission and its county facilities
  • Public libraries

Hours for Registration

All agencies are available for voter registration during hours of operation. Greene County Board of Elections is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. The Board of Elections will remain open on Monday October 7, 2024 until 9:00 PM.

You may complete an Ohio Voter Registration Form at any registration site. Forms must be received or postmarked by
Monday October 7, 2024 in order to be valid for the November 5, 2024 General Election. If you have questions about registration, please call (937) 562-6170

Additional Information

Voter Registration Form – please print out the form, fill it in, sign it, and mail to the Greene County Board of Elections.

Safe at Home
is an address confidentiality program that allows victims of domestic violence, stalking, human trafficking, rape or sexual battery to apply for an address designated by the Secretary of State to serve as the person’s address to shield their residence address from public records, including the Statewide Voter Registration Database.

You may Register or Change Your Name and/or Address Online. .