Hardin County will only be holding a Special Election on May 4, 2021.

This will be held in the Forest/Jackson Precinct (at the Forest All-Weather Pavilion).

There are 2 issues on the ballot:

Riverdale School District (Emergency Levy)
Zoning Referendum for the unincorporated part of Forest/Jackson Precinct.

For those who live in Riverdale School District (this will include Dunkirk/Blanchard Precinct, Split 3; Goshen Precinct, Split 2; Pleasant Precinct, Split 2; and Forest/Jackson Precinct, splits 1, 2 & 4)–all voters in these Precincts/Splits will vote at the Forest All-Weather Pavilion. Those who live in Forest/Jackson, Split 3, will be voting only on the Zoning Referendum.

Of course, as in every election, there will be early voting in the Courthouse, as well as absentee voting by mail. Those registered voters who are in Riverdale School District, but do not live in Forest/Jackson Precinct will be getting a notice in the mail of where you will need to go to vote on the issue.

As always, call us, if you have any questions at (419) 674-2211

Please be advised that absentee ballot requests may be mailed to our office at:

Hardin County Board of Elections
One Courthouse Square, Suite 40
Kenton, OH  43326

Or, they may be taken to the Courthouse in Kenton to our Black Drop Box (it is labeled with “Hardin County Board of Elections”), located on the South side of the Courthouse on the ramp.  This is a secure box, monitored by camera 24/7, and checked several times throughout the day.

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