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General Election – November 2, 2021


Petitions are available for the following offices:

  • Council (4 to elect) – All Villages.
  • Board of Trustees of Public Affairs – Adena, Stratton and Yorkville (1 to elect).
  • Mayor for unexpired term ending 12/31/23 in Dillonvale and Wintersville.
  • Township Trustee (2 to elect) – All Townships.
  • Member of Board of Education (3 to Elect) – All School Districts and Educational Service Center.
  • Indian Creek Board of Education (2 to Elect).
  • Jefferson County Educational Service Center (3 to elect) plus (1 to elect) Unexpired Term ending 12/31/23.

The deadline for filing Nominating Petitions for candidates in nonpartisan races and local questions and issues is August 4, 2021 by 4 p.m.


The deadline for filing Declaration Of Intent to be a Write-In Candidate for offices appearing on the November 2th General Election is August 23, 2021 by 4 p.m.

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