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How Do I Declare or Change Political Party Affiliation

When you vote in a primary election, your vote will determine your party affiliation.

On election day, by requesting a political party ballot, the Voter becomes a Registered Democrat or Registered Republican. Once they have voted that ballot, the party affiliation designation can only be changed by requesting a different party ballot in the next Primary Election. All voters are initially referred to as No Party until a primary ballot has been cast.

Many voters believe they are already classified as a Democrat or Republican but will be listed as No Party. After the primary party selection, the voter’s record will show whatever ballot they have requested in the Primary Election.

If the Voter wishes to declare No Party affiliation, their ballot will contain all the same public issues as does the Voter selecting a party ballot, However, they will not have input into Democratic or Republican Party nominations or representatives for that party. Nor can a voter ask to vote for some Democrats and some Republicans in a primary. Cross voting can occur during General elections, but not Primaries.