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101 E. Main Street
Eaton, OH 45320

Phone: (937) 456-8117
FAX: (937) 456-2986
E-mail:[email protected]

Office Hours

8:00 – 4:00 Monday thru Friday


Members of the Board

Robert Wood , Chairperson
Lisa A. Bruns
Terry A. Snowden
Roy A. Spencer


Lisa C. Boggs

Deputy Director

Leslie A. Evans

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Voting is an American privilege. We are proud that you have chosen to exercise your democratic right to participate in the electoral process. In this site we have provided resources to answer questions you may have about voting in our county. Use any of the Navigational Buttons to locate the information you are seeking. If you still have questions after visiting our site, we will be glad to answer them by phone or in person at our office.