The Next Election for Richland County is NOVEMBER 5, 2024

NOTICE:  You may hear about an election to be held on June 11, 2024.  This is a Special Congressional Election for

Ohio's 6th Congressional District of which we are NOT a part of

Richland County is in the 4th Congressional District. 

We do NOT have an election on June 11th.



We have been made aware that there have been Voter Registration forms mailed out by a group called the Center for Voter Information which is creating confusion by misleading  Voters about the status of their Voter Registration.  The wording states that "someone at this address might not  be registered to vote".  This group is NOT affiliated with the Richland County Board of Elections. If you received one, you can verify your voter information by:


Go to Voter Registration Information  tab found at the top of the home screen, below our logo

Click on Am I Registered?

Enter your Last Name and First Name.  Click Submit.

Your Voting Information will appear.  You can look at & print your  sample ballot.  

If you have any questions, please call our office at 419-774-5530


How Do I Declare or Change Political Party Affiliation?

When you vote in a primary election, which party ballot you choose will determine your party affiliation.

If you pull a Democrat Ballot, you will be a registered Democrat.  If you pull a Republican Ballot, you will be a registered Republican.

The party affiliation designation can only be changed by requesting a different party ballot in the NEXT Primary Election.