Ohio Flag

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Alan Davis for City Council President

Alex for Ohio

Alicia Gray for Council Committee

Anna Villareal Jenkins for Judge Committee

Arnold for Council President

Brian Chaney for Mayor of Kingston

Bugg for Judge

Candy Black

Carol Schrader for Springfield Twp. Fiscal Officer

Cathy Chester for Zane Trace School Board

Chad Mitten for Southeastern School Board

Citizens for Bonner

Citizens for Pat Patrick

Clay for Council

Committee to Elect David Tatman

Committee to Elect Don Graves for Zane Trace Board of Education

Committee to Elect Dustin Proehl City Council at Large

Committee to Elect Mike Proehl

Committee to Elect Napoleon Cross

Dale A. Naas for Green Twp. Trustee

Dale E. Turner for Trustee

Daniel Mathuews for Trustee

Darrell L. Cottrill

David L. Hice for Southeastern School Board

Duane Bethel

Elect David May for Scioto Twp. Fiscal Officer

Everson for Mayor Committee

Frasure for Twin Twp. Trustee

Friends of ADAMH

Gillespieville Drive Thru

Greg Holdren for Mayor

Harry Ben Junk II

Hinton for Mayor

  1. Troy Gray for City Council President

James Hatfield

Janes for Judge

Karen Gossman for Union Twp. Fiscal Officer

Kelley for Council

Larry A. Reaster

Larry Fisher Jr.

Mark Hopkins

Mike Miller for Springfield Twp. Trustee

Nancy Ames for City Council

Patrick for Zane Trace School Board

Ray A. Keller for Huntington School Board

Richard Cottrill for School Board

Riddle for Fiscal Officer

Robin Snyder for Fiscal Officer

Rocky Veronica Countryman

Ross County Democratic Party Executive Committee

Ross County Republican Party

Ross County Republican Women

Terry L. Barron for Colerain Township Trustee

Tony Eddy for Judge Committee

Trent Patterson

  1. Shane Haubeil for Huntington School Board

Vicky Mettler

We Be Wings