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Voter Registration Deadline Notice
Primary Election, May 3, 2022

As required by law, those who plan to exercise their right to vote in the May Primary Election 2022 must be registered to vote at least thirty (30) days before the election.  The deadline to register with the Board of Elections is April 4, 2022.  The Board of Elections Office is open from 8:00AM to 9:00PM on April 4, 2022.   Also, anyone who has moved since they last voted and has not changed their address with the Board of Elections should do so by the same deadline.

Registration forms are available at the following location:

Shelby County Board of Elections
230 E. Court St., Sidney, OH 45365
Open Monday-Friday 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

 Registrations are also accepted by the following authorized agencies during their regular business hours:

Amos Memorial Library                                           One Stop Shop (BMV)
(All Branches)                                                     1000 Milligan Ct.  Sidney, OH

 You may also register to vote online at the Secretary of State’s website:

Online Voter Registration

Here are the qualifications to vote in the May 3, 2022 Primary Election:

Must be a US citizen
Must be 18 years old by November 8, 2022
Must be a resident of Ohio for 30 days prior to the Election
Must register to vote 30 days prior to the election