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Poll Workers Needed

Must be able to work all day – 6:00 AM to 8:30 PM
Poll workers currently receive $125 per day
Contact the Election Board Office for more information (419) 238-4192


Precinct election officials must perform all duties provided by law for receiving ballots and supplies, opening and closing the polls, overseeing the casting of ballots during the time the polls are open, and any other duties required.


a. Elector Status
Precinct election officials must be qualified electors registered to vote in the county where they serve.

b. Training
Only qualified electors who have completed a program of instruction in the rules, procedures and law relating to elections may serve as election officials.
The board must train each new election officer before the new officer participates in his or her first election in that capacity. The board must instruct election officials who have been trained previously only when the board considers such instruction necessary, but the board must reinstruct such persons, other than presiding judges, at least once every three years. Presiding judges must be trained before the primary election in every even-numbered year.

Poll workers will be reimbursed, at a rate determined by the board, for attending training sessions.

c. Restrictions
No person who has been convicted of a felony or any violation of the election laws, or who is unable to read and write the English language readily, or who is a candidate for an office to be voted for by the voters of the precinct in which the person is to serve-other than a candidate for county central committee who is not opposed by any other candidate in that precinct-may serve as an elections officer.